Vitamin Coffee

Coffee Blends

Our coffee blends are offered in two types of roast; a mild medium and a strong dark. All of our coffee beans are ethically and sustainably sourced from a variety of coffee farms around the world. The coffee beans we use for each roast have been carefully selected to complement the level of roast and vitamin blends.

When you buy vitamin coffee you can expect freshness in every cup. We roast regularly and only grind the coffee to order to ensure maximum flavour. Although vitamin coffee will taste great for up to 6 months, our aim is for every cup to be consumed no more than 3 weeks after roasting. This is why each of our bags comes with 14 freshly ground servings.



Medium Blend

This deep and powerful espresso contains some of our most flavourful single-origins, including the famous Monsoon Malabar. The blend has bags of crema and leaves you with an almost never-ending finish of chocolate, toffee and smoky spice. In milk it makes a highly smooth latte or cappuccino, but with a distinct and special edge.

The Medium blend is a great all rounder with something for everyone. The blend has been designed for an espresso coffee but also works well as a filter coffee, cafetiere coffee or in the aeropress.

Strength = 3/6
Taste = Smooth and Smoky 

Dark Blend

The Dark blend is a pairing of our favourite Central and South American single-origins, plus a smaller quantity of Ethiopian Mocha Djimma beans.

The dominant American combination gives good body and crema, while providing sweetness and acidity, with the Mocha adding chocolatey and fruity tones.

This blend is a great choice for those who like their espresso to have some fruity brightness.

Strength = 5/6
Taste = Sweet and Acidic