Vitamin Coffee

About Vitamin Coffee

Vitamin Coffee is a solution. Getting your full daily complement of vitamins and minerals can be a drag. While most of us have the best of intentions about eating well, getting outside and exercising, it doesn't always work out to plan. That's why most leading experts recommend we take a daily vitamin supplement. 

What are the options though? Some tablets that you conveniently forget to take, or some overpriced chemical flavoured fizz ... doesn't exactly sound like a wonderfully improved solution. What if you could get all the vitamins and minerals you need by just simply drinking your daily cup of coffee, without compromising its flavour? That's not something you're likely to 'forget' to drink. 

Well, at Vitamin Coffee that's just what's on offer! Every cup contains your full daily dose of 14 essential vitamins and minerals while tasting great. We also have some targeted blends such as Defence which helps support your immune system and Energy which is a higher caffeine pick-me-up. 

Fresh Coffee

All our coffee beans are sustainably sourced and freshly roasted in the UK by a team of experts who have been doing so for over 130 years. We have worked closely with them to create roasts that complement the vitamin blends making them almost unnoticeable. We currently offer two coffee options which you can find out more about on our Coffee Page.

Quality Vitamins

We use the highest quality, FDA approved ingredients, to create effective and balanced vitamin blends. These blends have been carefully formulated to survive heat treatment without compromising the taste of the coffee. We’re constantly working to improve these formulations and add more goal specific blends to our range. To find out about the blends currently available visit our Vitamins Page.


Coffee should be convenient, that’s why we deliver it to your door in a package that easily slips through your letter box. Each full bag contains 14 servings of coffee, this is to ensure the bag is fresh from the first cup to the last. We offer a subscription service to save you having to re-order as we’re passionate about making sure you get the freshest cup possible.