Vitamin Coffee

Work It Out with Coffee

Work It Out with Coffee

January – a month renowned for change, growth and new starts. A time to cast out the unhealthy habits and resolve to get healthier, leaner, fitter and generally better. It’s not easy though is it? On a cold and dark evening, the thought of pulling on your trainers and going for a run is a bit daunting. It’s not helped by the lull of a comfy sofa and furry slippers that are gently urging you to “Come relax and take it easy in front of the fire.”  Resist the urge to hibernate, deep down you know the only way to get results is to get your bum off the sofa and get moving.

Make the Most of Your Workout.

If you’re going to the trouble of exercising you should make sure you are getting the most out of your workout. The good news is partaking in one of your favorite daily habits could help you with that – if you are a coffee lover you’re on to a winner. Caffeine is great for enhancing your health and fitness.

Two Cups of Coffee Go a Long Way.

Don’t take this as a green light to drink a whole pot full of coffee before shaking your thing at a Zumba class. We’re talking a cup or two of the stuff, not a vat full! A cup of coffee prior to your workout will give you a great energy boost and help you to exercise harder and for longer.

Boost Your Energy Levels.

Got that tired out feeling? Depleted energy levels will decrease your athletic performance. A cup or two of coffee will get you buzzing and ready to go for it. Incidentally drinking coffee also empowers certain neutrons in your brain and this can help to lift your mood, improve your memory and cultivate your cognitive abilities.

Dull the Pain.

Enjoying a cup of your favorite Joe prior to a workout will help to stave off those aches and pains you feel while exercising. Caffeine will give you that kick to make you push it just that little bit more. It will help you to improve your endurance and develop the strength of your muscles.

Improve Circulation.

Drinking coffee before a workout can also improve your circulation, increasing your blood flow. This provides your muscles with the vital oxygen required.  The result? You can work out harder – hello firm and fantastic body!

Burn Fat.

Had one too many doughnuts? Caffeine before you exercise can help you to burn that fat. Drinking coffee encourages your body to mobilise fats and will help to get your metabolism moving.

Enjoy Your Caffeine Boost.

We hope you enjoyed this brief guide to the benefits of caffeine before a good work out. We would love to hear from you. Does a cup of coffee help you to get you moving in the right direction when it comes to exercise? Get in touch and tell us about your energy boosting ideas.