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Ways To Perk Up Your Day At The Office

Ways To Perk Up Your Day At The Office

We all know that it can be tricky to stay alert in the office. When you’ve just begun opening those emails first thing in the morning and that creeping fatigue kicks in. Or when you’ve just finished last night’s leftovers for lunch and you’re realising that was far too sleep-inducing for lunchtime chow. There are many parts of your day of work that can leave you feeling in need of a good nap. But fear not; there are also many ways that you can combat these drowsy days.

Maintaining good mental and physical health at work is about structure. So, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks for you to introduce into your routine. Practising these daily will ensure that work doesn’t take a toll on your health - rather it will become a means for you to maintain it!

1. A cup of liquid gold

Many of us already partake in the wonderous beverage that is coffee, but not all of us are aware of the full benefits. Of course, the obvious primary pro to coffee is the buzz that its high caffeine content gives us. There are around 95mg of caffeine in the average cup of coffee, which is just enough to give you that pick-me-up feeling we all crave. Molecules of caffeine enter the brain through the bloodstream, where they block the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine. This increases the amount of other neurotransmitters in the brain, which in turn makes neurons fire more. According to, this all makes us far more concentrated and productive. Vitamin Coffee 'Energy' Blend has extra caffeine added to it and is a popular pick me up in the office!

Coffee not only helps us to combat fatigue, but also to be more productive in our work. Not to mention other health benefits that it boasts, such as helping you to burn fat and our complex vitamin blends supply you with all your vitamins and minerals. The benefits span both physical and mental health, enabling you to kill two birds with one stone!

2. The lowest hanging fruit is… fruit!

Our next tip for you is another dietary one: fruit. We are all familiar with the old five-a-day rule, as well as the apple a day keeps the doctor away idiom. Sadly, these are merely throwaway comments in this day and age. Consuming fruit throughout your day at work is a practise that has multiple benefits. The minerals and other healthy elements of fruit biology all contribute to a healthy brain - namely a healthy memory. This will help with your productivity, which will in turn make you feel more satisfied at work. Not to mention the fact that fruit is around 80% water, much like our bodies. This extra hydration will do wonders for your general health and brain function. Dehydration is one of the main causes of headaches and fatigue, so finding ways to avoid this in your routine is crucial.

According to Reader’s Digest, the complex carbohydrates in fruit can help increase your positivity. They produce serotonin without spiking your blood sugar levels, meaning that you can feel consistently positive throughout the working day. A positive mindset is important in the office, not only for your productivity but for your own personal positivity about your routine. 

Companies such as Office Groceries offer office fruit baskets that can be shared by staff. These are ideal, as employees will feel appreciated if they are receiving free perks. Not only this, but if fruit is more readily on offer, then people will choose it over the blood sugar spiking alternatives such as biscuits. It’s a win-win!

3. Get some fresh air!

It’s easy to forget when you’re engrossed in your daily tasks that you might be sitting down for the vast majority of the day. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, 60% of employees said their time management skills, mental performance, and ability to meet deadlines improved on days they exercised. It’s clear that introducing movement into your daily routine is beneficial - why not try getting up and about each day? Simply going for a 10 minute break every few hours to stand outside and get some fresh air, or a short walk would do wonders.