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The Italian ‘affogato’: a pleasantly easy coffee dessert

The Italian ‘affogato’: a pleasantly easy coffee dessert

If you ask your Italian friends how they like their coffee, they will have a ‘caffè’, an espresso. That single shot is too short for us, but makes a great dessert: the ‘affogato’. The affogato will surprise you. Anyone can prepare this afternoon treat, even with zero culinary skills. You can use your favourite blend of Vitamin Coffee too! How?

The affogato is an all-season dessert made of ice cream and freshly brewed coffee. Easy, isn’t it?

For your affogato you’ll need:

- vanilla gelato ice cream,

- Vitamin Coffee,

- your Moka pot, of course.


It’s elementary, Watson:

Prepare your coffee with an Italian stove coffee maker.

Keep your vanilla gelato/ice cream in the freezer until the last minute, then scoop it, and put 1 per person in a coffee cup. You can prepare your cups earlier, and refrigerate them to keep the ice cream firmer.

Pour the hot coffee directly onto the ice cream, approximately 1 shot per cup.

Serve immediately.

Enjoy! Vanilla ice cream blends perfectly with the espresso and melts deliciously before your eyes. I warmly recommend Madagascar vanilla, a favourite of mine. Its rough shade and intense taste give a bolder twist to this simple dessert.
Hungry for more? More scoops, more coffee!

But, do you know what ‘affogato’ means in Italian? Drowned! If you are a real coffee lover, you’ll love to swim in a pool of coffee, maybe sipping but not drowning, not for sure.

Written by,
Valentina Chirico