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Ponder Those New Year’s Resolutions Over a Coffee

Ponder Those New Year’s Resolutions Over a Coffee

Here comes the New Year, ready or not it’s time to chuck out the old and ring in the new. At the stroke of midnight, the past will be in the past and it will be time to look to the future. As you sip your champers and mouth the words to Auld Lang Syne (rather badly as no-one seems to know the second verse nor the ones that follow)! Your thoughts wander to the customary New Year resolutions.

Hard to keep but traditional to make, New Year resolutions allow us the chance to make promises to ourselves. It’s a time for self-improvement and change, a time to take a cup of kindness and presumably share it with your nearest and dearest (we all know the chorus don’t we)? So, we decide how we are going to be a better person in the coming year, there are a few old favourites that crop up time after time!

I’m Going to Get Fit.

If you’re going to do more exercise make sure you are doing something you enjoy. Paying for an expensive gym membership is pointless if you hate working out in front of sweaty Betty’s and have to be dragged there by a well-meaning friend. Start simple, walk more, ditch the car and let your legs take the strain. Join a fun dance class or try out a team sport - football and hockey can improve your fitness levels and allow you to meet some fun new friends at the same time. It might be worth drinking a cup of coffee before you start exercising, if you do you could burn off far more calories, improve your microcirculation and strengthen your endurance and energy levels.

I’m Going to Lose Weight.

“I want to lose a stone!” It’s the regular battle cry of the New Year, as everyone nervously teeters on the edge of the scales scared that last After Eight will cause the needle to swing promptly towards “lazy and fat.” The New Year is a time for action, step away from the fizz, donate your chocolates to a hospital or children’s charity and swap your new comfy slippers for a pair of sneakers. Did you know that drinking coffee is great for boosting weight loss? Coffee can give you energy which means you will be on the move far more - and moving equals burning off those calories. Give your metabolism a mini boost and enjoy a much-needed coffee.

I’m Going to Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones.

Every year you send a Christmas card and scrawl hastily “Lets catch up in the New Year.”  But how often do we follow through on our suggestion to get together? Friendships dwindle and family ties weaken if you allow them too. Resolve to make more time for those who matter this year. Just spending an hour with an old friend, languidly enjoying a latte and laughing about the good times can do you the world of good. Make two espressos when you get up in the morning and give your partner a good morning kiss (and a caffeine kick that will be much appreciated on a dull January morning).  Make cappuccinos all round and treat the kids to marshmallows and cream on top, spend some quality time together and ask them about their day.

Got A New Years Resolution of Your Own? We Would Love to Hear It.

We hope you enjoyed this brief exploration of New Year resolutions.  We would love to hear from you, get in touch and tell us about your own goals for the coming year. What are your aims and do you have a plan on how to stick with them?

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We wish you a Happy, Healthy and Coffee-fuelled New Year.