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Here Comes Summer

Here Comes Summer

Summer is waiting patiently around the corner, and we can’t wait. Bring on the sunnier days, the perfect excuse for days out to the park or beach, an opportunity to fire up the BBQ or even just the chance to lounge in the garden.

Summertime conjures up images of beaches, long walks, picnics and memorable holidays. We cast aside the cardigans and banish the boots, it’s time for short sleeves and sandals. The change in season heralds a change in clothes and also tends to see a change in what we eat and drink.

Heavier foods such as casseroles and hearty pies are often traded in for lighter fare – salads, fish and simple pasta dishes suddenly seem more appealing. The stodgy desserts favoured in winter, such as treacle sponge lavished with custard, make way for the likes of sorbet, ice cream and fruit salad. Drinks wise you can’t beat a nice cool drink on a sunny day – lazing of a sunlouger with a zesty lemonade or an exotic cocktail – ah bliss!

For those of us who are partial to a coffee there’s no need to worry, there’s room for our favourite blend alongside those summertime tipples. However, on a particularly hot day you might not fancy your regular cup of Joe. Have no fear – the iced coffee drink is here!

Who Thought Up the Idea of An Iced Coffee?

Iced coffee dates back to around 1840, when a drink called Mazagran (coffee syrup mixed with cold water) was created in Algeria. There are also indicators that iced coffees were enjoyed in the 19th century. The drink increased in popularity in 1920 after being featured in a promotional campaign produced by the Joint Coffee Publicity Committee. It’s still going strong and major players in the commercial coffee shop league (such as Starbucks), have embraced and sold it ever since

How Do You Brew?

As its name suggests an iced coffee is a cold coffee with ice, and it can be made in two ways. The coffee can be brewed cold or brewed hot and then cooled down afterwards by adding ice or freezing cold milk.

Can I Brew It Too?

You can make your own iced coffee in the comfort of your own home, you just need a few key things to get you on your way. First off collect your ingredients:

50 ml milk, 200 ml coffee, lots of ice and some maple syrup if you would like to add a little sweetness. Begin by brewing your coffee, don’t be tempted to drink it – you need it! Once brewed leave it to go cold – once it’s nice and chilly you can add it to a blender. Before you switch on to blend make sure you add the milk, some ice and a squeeze of maple syrup if you have a sweet tooth. Then simply blend until your concoction is smooth. Grab yourself a couple of nice glasses (tall ones would work well), then sit back and enjoy.

Are You a Fan of Iced Coffee? We Would Love to Hear About It.

Now you know how to make iced coffee yourself you could use your favourite blend to whip up a nice chilled glass. Vitamin Coffee offers more in the way of goodness than your average cup  – there are 14 essential vitamins and minerals in just one cup of the complete blend.

We would love to hear from you, contact us and tell us about your iced coffee experiences! Do you like it or do you prefer to stick to the original freshly brewed coffee, nice and hot?