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Five of The Quirkiest Coffee Hot-Spots in London

Five of The Quirkiest Coffee Hot-Spots in London

Welcome to the capital, London is big, it’s bustling, it has historical landmarks at every turn, and a heck of a lot of coffee shops to boot. But where should you go for a cup of Joe? There’s the usual chains on offer, and you can pick yourself up your favourite blend from Starbucks or Costa, but what about somewhere a little more unique?

Brasserie Joel - Park Plaza Hotel, Westminster Bridge.

Fancy a spot of live music or an appetising snack with your coffee? At Brasserie Joel you can enjoy the tasty delights prepared by celebrity chef Joel Antunes. Settle yourself down and take in the amazing views across the River Thames. This place is achingly cool, attached to the spanking new Park Plaza Hotel, it’s the perfect spot to rest after a taking in the nearby sights of the city.

The Bridge Café - Kingsland Road, Shoreditch.

The Bridge Café doubles up as a bar, so you can get yourself a coffee here day or night. Quirky and eclectic, upstairs has a touch of the “boudoir” about it and plays host to lots of 1950’s memorabilia, paired with opulent chandeliers and elegant Chesterfield sofas. The Bridge Café favours Italian espresso machines and robust, traditionally brewed Eastern European coffee blends. A heaven for coffee aficionados!

Attendant , Foley Street. Fitzrovia.

You’ve probably not considered enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee in a public toilet (we think the aroma would be foetid rather than fragrant). Fortunately, Attendant no longer operates as the Victorian public convenience it once was (although the old Doulton & Co porcelain urinals still stand proud)! Savour the in-house roasted beans (we like the seasonal espresso blend) and enjoy learning more about the coffee on offer from the knowledgeable baristas.

The New Black , Philpot Lane, Aldgate.

This place is not for the faint hearted, or those who take their coffee any way it comes. The New Black is for coffee-lovers who are serious about flavour and know their Plinio Plaz (clean and fruity), from their Gitesi (fruity and smooth).

It’s reminiscent of a space-age dwelling – all glass, gleaming steel and state-of-the-art coffee equipment that puts the old cafetiere firmly in its place. If you want to be seen in the right place then head here but be warned – the experience doesn’t come cheap!

Fuckoffee, Bermondsey Street.

We have to hand it to this place – the name alone is pure genius and there’s a casual indie vibe that draws you in and encourages you to enjoy a relaxed coffee in an eccentric environment. Bask in the neon lights and take in the interesting décor as you sip the fair-trade coffee (Fuckoffee use organic single origin beans sourced from Papau New Guinea rainforests). The taste is mild, yet exotic and you can’t help but lose yourself in the fruity aroma.

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