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Coffee Lovers Guide to Valentine’s Day

Coffee Lovers Guide to Valentine’s Day

As Valentines Day looms large you might be feeling a little under pressure to impress your other half. While the traditional flowers, chocolates and champagne are always warmly received (along with diamonds if you are feeling particularly flashy), there are other gestures which will put a smile on your beloved’s face.

If your partner loves a cup of coffee then make their Valentine’s Day super special by giving them something they will really enjoy.

Go Out on a Coffee Crawl.

A bit like a pub crawl (minus the pubs), a coffee crawl allows you to sample the delights of different coffee shops. Opt for a couple of favourites and throw in one or two places you have wanted to try but not got around to visiting. Try a coffee in each (throw in a cheeky lunch as well – hey, it is Valentine’s Day)!

Or Have a “Stay-At-Home” Coffee Crawl.

As it’s Valentine’s Day you have the perfect opportunity to stay in and snuggle up. You can still do your “coffee crawl” but do it in the comfort of your own home. Get a variety of blends in and enjoy sipping your way through your coffee collection. Savour every mouthful as you cuddle on the sofa with a furry throw and a box of your favourite chocolates for good measure. Coffee liquors anyone?

Enjoy a Coffee in Bed.

Get into your loved one’s good books by treating them to their favourite coffee in bed. Pop it on a tray with a rose for added romance and deliver it with a big fat kiss. Coffee is a renowned for boosting energy, so after you’ve finished slurping maybe you could start burning off some of that excess vigour. Bedroom gymnastics + Valentine’s Day = a fun way to spend the morning!

Give a Coffee Gift.  

If your partner takes their coffee seriously give them something they will appreciate. A coffee measure allows precision serving, and a cafetiere would be a good choice for those who consider themselves to be coffee connoisseurs. Just think, if you buy your other half all the best coffee tools they will be more inclined to go and make you a brew more often!

Treat Yourselves to A Feel-Good Blend.

Coffee that tastes great and also provides a healthy vitamin boost? Yes please. Treat yourself and your partner to 14 delicious servings of Vitamin Coffee, choose from a medium or dark coffee and then decide on which vitamin infusion best suits your needs – there’s Complete, Defence or Energy.

Love Valentine’s Day Almost as Much as Your Coffee? Tell Us All About It.

Are you a coffee lover with a penchant for all things lovey-dovey? If romance rocks your boat and hearts and flowers fill you with joy then get in touch and tell us what warms your heart on Valentine’s Day.

We wish you a coffee -fuelled and thoroughly loved-up Valentine’s Day.