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Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Christmas is a coming and the goose is getting fat, and you’ve spent so much that you are hard pressed to even find one penny for the old man’s hat. But you still need to go shopping for that one “challenging,” friend– you know the one, they have pretty much everything and when you ask them what they would like they say “ooooh anything.”

Ahhhh, before you kick over your Christmas tree in frustration stop for a moment and enjoy the aroma of a fresh cup of coffee. Savour the flavour and reminisce about the many special moments you have spent sharing endless cups of coffee with your pal, they love the stuff as much as you do! So, how about a coffee-gift for your coffee-loving friend? Let’s take a look at a few ideas.

Drip Filter.

If your friend is an impatient sort who tends to favour instant coffee and likes to pour and go -  then a drip filter could be a useful gift. There’s no fuss or mess and it’s easy-peasy to use. Simply pop the filter on the top of the cup, add coffee and pour over the water. Hey presto! One tasty cup of coffee for your coffee loving buddy. Click here to check our out.

Gooseneck Kettle.

“What’s this? A kettle with a neck like a goose? Why?” We hear you ask? This is the perfect gift if your pal is a bit of a perfectionist / slight control freak! The gooseneck kettle enables the user to direct the flow of the water, controlling exactly how much flows out. The benefits of this? A tastier brew with a better aroma. While a bog-standard kettle can so the job this little beauty will take the art of coffee making up a level, your coffee-loving friend will be suitably impressed. This is one we’d recommend.

Coffee Mug

Who wants to drink their beloved brew from an old chipped mug? No thanks, get your friend a brand-new mug especially for their coffee. If he or she is a bit of a busy bee and likes to drink on the go consider a travel mug that will keep their cup of Joe nice and warm while they negotiate the morning rush hour. You can even get one with a Vitamin Coffee logo on here.

Coffee Measure.

Again, a gift for those who like to be precise. If your friend is the fastidious type think about gifting them a coffee measure.  This little gadget ensures your serving of coffee is spot on every time. We have some of these especially designed for Vitamin Coffee.


Sometimes referred to as a French Press, the cafetiere is perfect for those friends who like to think of themselves as coffee connoisseurs. Cafetieres are easy to use and deliver super results, add water to the bottom section and the coffee goes in the mid-section, then pop it on your hob for flavoursome coffee. Here’s one we’ve got our eyes on.

The gift of Vitamin Enriched Coffee.

Coffee that is packed full of vitamins for a healthy boost? Yes please. Give your coffee-loving pal the gift of mineral and vitamin infused coffee. Vitamin Coffee offers three blends:

Complete - a well rounded multivitamin used as the base for all blends

Defence - higher in vitamin C and D to support your immune system

Energy - with added caffeine and vitamin B complex

Coffee Is for Life, Not Just for Christmas.

We hope you enjoyed this brief guide on a few of the best gifts for a coffee-lovers. If you have any ideas for super present ideas we would love to hear from you.