Vitamin Coffee

Antioxidants in Coffee

Antioxidants in Coffee

Maybe coffee isn't so bad?

For people who eat a standard Western diet, coffee may actually be the healthiest aspect of the diet. That’s because coffee contains a massive amount of antioxidants. Some studies and now showing that people can get more antioxidants from coffee than both fruits and vegetables… combined!

Antioxidants often pop up in discussions about good health and preventing diseases. What these powerful substances are thought to do is prohibit (and in some cases even prevent) the oxidation of other molecules in the body. They have been show to challenge free radicals in the body that if left unchallenged can cause a wide range of illnesses and chronic diseases

Combine this antioxidant boost this with our unique vitamin blends and you’ve got a cup of black magic that packs an almighty health punch. Maybe coffee isn’t such a demon after all.

Here are a few studies on the topic if you fancy delving in yourself: