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A Taste of Malabar

A Taste of Malabar

A gem of a country in South Asia, you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere quite as spectacular as India. An exotic land, steeped in history and culture, India boasts ancient landmarks, breath-taking landscape and culinary delights that are guaranteed to tickle your taste buds. India is famous for plenty of wonderful things, the Taj Mahal, cricket, spicy and aromatic dishes and Bollywood classics being just a few. One thing that might not spring to mind is coffee, but India has much to offer on this too – particularly if you head to the Malabar Coast.

The Malabar Coast

The Malabar Coast lies on the Southern Western shore, where you will find endless sand dunes framed by lagoons. Small boats traverse the waterways and streams flow down from the Western Ghats. In the past the Dutch, Portuguese, French and British all founded trading posts within the region. Nowadays the Malabar Coats is known for spices, rice and coconut palms, and fishing is big business here too. But let’s get back to the coffee, and it’s here you will find one of India’s finest – Monsoon Malabar.

Monsoon Malabar

Monsoon Malabar is cultivated on the abundant Malabar coast of Kerala and Karnataka, its name comes from the inclement weather conditions it sustains – the muggy moistness of the monsoon season. Malabar is one of the wettest regions in India and the damp conditions contribute toward the unique flavour if this delicious coffee.

Where It All Began

Back in the 16th century, ships transported produce (including coffee beans) from Malabar to Europe. The beans were stowed in the cargo area within the depths of the ship and here they were exposed to humidity and moisture. This caused the beans to expand, giving them a rich, distinctive taste. A taste that soon became popular with discerning Europeans who craved more of the same.

Creating Unique Flavour

Nature does all the work in giving the coffee beans their distinctive flavour. Coffee seeds are collected and then bared to the elements, the monsoon rains and biting winds take their toll for around three months. During this time the coffee beans expand (which reduces their acidity) and develop that intense flavour – which is described by some as being strong, with elements of spice, nuts and chocolate.

Vitamin Coffee

Like the sound of Monsoon Malabar? Then you are in luck as Vitamin Coffee have a great medium blend which encompasses the tasty beans. Prepare to set your taste-buds alight with this rich espresso, expect to taste notes of toffee, chocolate and spice. Prefer you of Joe a little less potent? Simply add milk for a smooth as silk cappuccino or a latte – sit back, relax and enjoy!

Ethical, Healthy and Tasty Too

Vitamin coffee source all beans ethically and believe the best coffee beans are those which are carefully selected – freshness is essential. We hope you enjoyed this brief guide to the delights of Monsoon Malabar. We would love to hear from you, get in touch and tell us your thoughts on this delicious coffee.