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A Little Taste of Coffee Culture. Around the World in Coffees.

A Little Taste of Coffee Culture. Around the World in Coffees.

Do you look forward to your espresso at 10am to kick start your day? Kill time until you can unwind with your afternoon latte at 3pm? If you are a coffee lover you might have a penchant for a particular blend, and you wouldn’t be alone. Coffee culture is big business and around the globe countries have their own unique coffee inspired rituals, beloved blends and traditions. You know how you take yours, so let’s take a look at how they take theirs.


In Malaysia you might get a bit confused if you sample the unique Yuanyang, as your senses battle to determine “Is it coffee or is it tea?” The truth is, it’s both! Yuanyang is a potent beverage made up of black coffee mixed with Hong Kong-style tea (which is a combination of black tea and milk).


A fine Muslim fellow called Baba Budan introduced India to coffee back in the 16th century. He had chanced upon coffee whilst on a pilgrimage to Mecca and decided it was so good he had to take some beans back home to India. Nowadays coffee is still popular, in the South it’s all about filter coffee, which is brewed very slowly. This stuff is strong! The coffee is usually drunk from a tumbler, with milk and sugar often being added.  


A drop of rum anyone? If you head to Germany be sure to sample Pharisäer, an indulgent coffee that contains a dash of rum and sugar and is finished off with cream and chocolate. Our mouths are watering at the thought!  


How about coffee in a can? In true cutting edge-style you can buy your coffee in a can directly from a vending machine or from a supermarket. Convenient? Yes. But we think you will be disappointed if you are looking to order a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato.


If you are seeking something with a little spicy extra how about a Café de olla. This tasty coffee is infused with cinnamon and piloncillo (unrefined sugar). You don’t sip it from your bog-standard coffee cup, instead you sup it from a clay pot.


Oh, they do like their coffee down under and the Australians have Italian immigrants to thank for their introduction to the wonders of coffee. Australia likes to wave its flag about the flat white, stating they gave to the rest of the world this espresso with a sliver of milk balancing in the surface. But any self-respecting New Zealander would argue that the flat white was created in their country. We don’t mind where it originated from to be honest, we still love it!


There’s only one coffee of choice in Italy – the much-loved espresso. It’s small, but mighty and if the stylish and fastidious Italians love it then it’s good enough for us!

Turkish coffee

If you want to experience a land where coffee is so revered it is considered part of the culture, then Turkey will be your idea of coffee heaven. A proper cup of Joe in Turkey incorporates coffee beans being boiled in a cevze (a coffee pot), sugar is added and the drink is served in little cups.   

Saudi Arabia.

Spicy coffee comes as standard in Saudi Arabia. Think cinnamon, cloves and ginger. Strong and some might say bitter, the coffee of choice – Gahwa is usually accompanied by dried dates.

Irish coffee

We can’t leave our round the world tour without a quick pit-stop in Ireland. Home of the booze infused coffee that will warm your cockles on a cold Irish afternoon.

American visitors apparently prompted the creation of this whiskey/coffee combo, when they visited in Ireland in the 40’s.

Understandably cold, their Irish hosts decided to add whiskey to the coffee to take the edge off. It must have worked because the popularity of Irish coffee has spread across the world.

How Do You Take Yours?

We hope you enjoyed this brief guide to how coffee is enjoyed around the world. Why not tell us how you enjoy drinking yours? Or perhaps you have experienced enlightening coffee rituals on your own travels? We would love to hear from you!