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A Little Something for The Weekend?

A Little Something for The Weekend?

Coffee – it gets us through the working week – giving us that all-important wake- up call (after we have blearily hit snooze for the umpteenth time on the alarm clock). It can provide a gentle shove come mid-morning and a welcome boost mid-afternoon. But it’s not just a tool to keep us working, coffee is also part of our down-time and our social calendar. Whether you’re putting your feet up with a Cappuccino or having a natter with good friends over a Latte, making sure you have some time to relax and have fun is as important as making sure you eat your greens or get enough sleep.

Come the weekend it’s time to wave goodbye to the working week and embrace the rest and play element of your life. While regular coffee will bring you satisfaction, it’s a great time to think about pepping up your cup of Joe. Coffee is good on its own but mixed with alcohol it can really deliver a flavoursome punch. So, how can you use coffee to make alcoholic drinks for the long weekend ahead? Allow us to enlighten you.

Coffee and Alcohol – A Traditional Couple.

The Swedes got the ball rolling very early on, back in 1795, when they mixed coffee with vodka for a whole new taste sensation. Now you can go into any restaurant and order a coffee with a cheeky tipple –such as the renowned Irish Coffee. Back in the 1940’s a chef at Foynes Airport decided the best way to welcome a group of re-routed (and probably slightly fed-up) passengers would be to provide coffee with a dash of whiskey. The drink did the trick and obviously impressed – nowadays the Irish Coffee is a clear favourite.

The Original Irish Coffee

If you fancy whipping up your own it’s easy-peasy, all you need is a shot of Irish whiskey, freshly brewed coffee, some cold whipping cream and 2 teaspoons of brown sugar (and a coffee mug or a more refined Irish coffee glass). First off warm up your mug or glass, then brew your coffee. Whip your cream (you will want it quite thick but the right consistency so it can be poured), then pour hot water and whiskey into your glass (with the coffee and sugar). Top with cream, sit back and enjoy.

Espresso Martini

How about something with a little kick that’s guaranteed to start your weekend well? For this you will need 1 oz of vodka, 1 oz of espresso and 1.5 oz of Kahlua. Pour everything into a cocktail shaker and pop in some ice, then give it a damn good shake. Pour into a martini glass and savour at your leisure.

Rum Coffee Milkshake.

Rum is a great partner for coffee, you can even make your own milkshake. You will need half a cup of whole milk and a quarter cup of cooled coffee, 2 oz of dark rum and 3 scoops of coffee flavoured ice cream. To make your milkshake blend the coffee, milk, rum and ice-cream together and then simply pour into your glasses. Finish off with whipped cream and enjoy!

Got A Recipe of Your Own? We Would Love to Hear It.

Why not use your favourite blend to whip up a cheeky beverage to celebrate the weekend? Vitamin Coffee offers more in the way of goodness than your average cup of Joe – with 14 essential vitamins and minerals in just one cup of the complete blend. A little healthiness to go with your tipple of choice!  We would love to hear from you, get in touch and tell us about your coffee beverage ideas.