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5 Interesting Facts about Coffee

5 Interesting Facts about Coffee

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Coffee is a weird and wonderful thing with a whole host interesting facts about it. Having been a popular beverage for such a long time there are also lots of stories to be shared by avid drinkers.

In this short article we’ve pulled together 5 diverse but hopefully interesting facts for you to wet you appetite with.

  1. On average, about 379 litres of water are required to produce just 20 grams of roasted coffee. That’s just a little more that one cup! But don’t worry, it’s just nature doing it’s thing.
  2. Coffee has been positively shown to help reduce the risk of liver, kidney, endometrial, head and neck, breast, and colorectal cancers. You may have heard it also helps with others, but the evidence is certainly not strong enough to make any further claims at this point.
  3. Caffeine content can reduce as the roast gets darker, but the difference is so small that a daily coffee drinker’s body would probably never notice the difference. We have actually had ours tested and found less than a 10mg difference.
  4. Used coffee grounds can be used to generate biodiesel that can power cars, as a substrate to grow mushrooms, and even converted into a potable, though not necessarily tasty, alcohol.
  5. The first webcam was built in 1991 by computer scientists to keep track of how much coffee was in the coffeepot in the Trojan Room, a computer lab at the University of Cambridge.

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